Resurrection appearances of Jesus: Quiz

Question 1: Supporters of Gnostic priority (that Gnosticism is the original form of Christianity) see this as clear evidence that Mark, and hence, due to ________, the entire resurrection narrative, was intended to be interpreted gnostically.
New TestamentGospelAugustinian hypothesisMarkan priority

Question 2: "seen of ________, then of the twelve" 15:5
Saint PeterCatholic ChurchJohn the ApostleChristianity in the 1st century

Question 3: To the Church in Jerusalem — forty days after the resurrection after which he ascended into ________, with a prophecy to return ( 1:1-11).

Question 4: "seen of James; then of all the ________" 15:7
GospelApostle (Christian)New TestamentJesus

Question 5: The major Resurrection appearances of Jesus are reported in the ________ to have occurred after his death and burial and prior to his Ascension.
Biblical canonGospelNew TestamentBible

Question 6: Saint Marguerite ________) and dictations where large amounts of text is produced (e.g.
Catholic devotionsMarguerite Marie AlacoqueSacred HeartEucharistic adoration

Question 7: With the possible exceptions of the appearances to Paul and Ananias in Acts 9, Acts 22, Acts 26 and to Peter in Acts 10, Acts 11 and to John of Patmos in Revelation 1, the ________ only records pre-Ascension appearances of Christ.
Biblical canonNevi'imBibleChristianity and Judaism

Question 8: To the eleven apostles on a mountain in ________ where Jesus had directed them.
TiberiasBeit She'anGalileeNazareth

Question 9: According to John, once Mary has explained to the angels about her concern at the emptiness of the tomb, she turns and suddenly sees Jesus, but mistakes him for a ________ (the word gardener is a hapax legomenon in the Bible).
Garden designAgricultureGardeningPlant

Question 10: However, ________, and many other Christians, read this as a metaphor: that Mary's blindness despite seeing Jesus represents the blindness, according to Christians, of non-Christians who have already been informed about Jesus.
Huldrych ZwingliJohn CalvinProtestant ReformationCovenant theology

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