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Question 1: in economics and ________, the profit or loss at the end of a fiscal period.
Sarbanes–Oxley ActAccountancyProto-ElamiteBalance sheet

Question 2: In ________ the following formula is sometimes used:
Quality assuranceControl chartQuality managementQuality control

Question 3: in general, the outcome of any kind of ________, action or phenomenon
Scholarly methodAcademic publishingResearchScientific method

Question 4: Possible results include advantage, ________, gain, injury, loss, value and victory.
Case (policy debate)CounterplanKritikDisadvantage

Question 5: in science, the outcome of an ________ (e.g.
ExperimentInteraction (statistics)Statistical unitRandomized controlled trial

Question 6: in ________, the return value of a function, state of a system or list of records matching a query (e.g.
Software engineeringComputer scienceProgramming paradigmComputer programming

Question 7: in ________, the final value of a calculation (e.g.
Mathematical logicGeometrySet theoryMathematics

Question 8: In management and related fields, a result is a piece of ________ that has certain properties in absolute terms or in relation to previous results or settings:
InformationSystems engineeringElectrical engineeringArtificial intelligence

Question 9: A result is the final consequence of a ________ of actions or events expressed qualitatively or quantitatively.
Partially ordered setVector spaceSequenceMathematics

Question 10: cricket, ________) or wars, the result includes the identity of the victorious party and possibly the effects on the environment
FranceLotteryUnited StatesSerbia


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