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Restorationism: Quiz


Question 1: churches associated with this movement include the Churches of Christ in Australia and the ________.
Restorationism (Christian primitivism)BaptismRestoration MovementEvangelical Christian Church in Canada

Question 2: The church was organized on April 6, 1830 in ________ State.
New JerseyConnecticutMassachusettsNew York

Question 3: The ________ were the most well-known family of the Adventist movements.
Great DisappointmentMillerismWilliam Miller (preacher)Adventism

Question 4: Pastor Russell's congregations did not consider him to be the founder of a new religion,[34] but that he helped in restoring true Christianity from the apostasy that Jesus and the ________ foretold.
John the ApostleChronology of JesusSaint PeterPaul of Tarsus

Question 5: ________  • site
Christian Outreach Centre  • site
Church of the Nazarene • site
Salvation Army  • site
Seventh-day Adventist Church  • site
Christian and Missionary AllianceVietnamCanadaUnited States

Question 6: ________
Church of God (Cleveland, TN)
Church of God in Christ
Church of God of Prophecy
Full Gospel Fellowship
Intl. Church of the Foursquare Gospel

Question 7: [5]:21 One was centered in ________, one was centered in Switzerland, and the third was centered in England.

Question 8: ________  • site
Free Church of England • site
Church of Ireland  • site
Scottish Episcopal Church  • site
Church in Wales  • site
Archbishop of CanterburyArchbishop of YorkChurch of EnglandBishop of Lincoln

Question 9: Christians meeting in "Brethren assemblies" are commonly perceived as being divided into at least two branches, the "Open Brethren" and the "________".
Behind the Exclusive BrethrenPlymouth BrethrenExclusive BrethrenRaven-Taylor-Hales Brethren

Question 10: Assemblies of God  • G.Bri Ire
________ • site
Elim Pentecostal Church • site
Foursquare Gospel Church  • site
Worldwide Church of God • site
National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.Black churchPentecostal Assemblies of the WorldChurch of God in Christ


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