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Restoration Movement: Quiz


Question 1: Walter Scott (Clergyman) (1796-1861), a successful evangelist who helped to stabilize the Campbell movement as it was separating from the ________[71]:673
Christian denominationEcumenismChristianityBaptist

Question 2: [5]:67 This group originated in ________, but was especially strong in the South where the emphasis on a biblical pattern for the church grew stronger.
Midwestern United StatesNortheastern United StatesWestern United StatesNew England

Question 3: Christianity should not be divided, ________ intended the creation of one church.
JesusChristGospelNew Testament

Question 4: Barton entered the Guilford Academy in ________ in 1790.
North CarolinaGeorgia (U.S. state)South CarolinaPennsylvania

Question 5: [5]:80-86 Thomas Campbell was a student of the Enlightenment philosopher ________.
Gottfried LeibnizImmanuel KantJohn LockePlato

Question 6: [54]:372 The Fellowship developed ties with the ________ during the 1980s.
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)Independent Christian Churches/Churches of ChristInternational Churches of ChristRestoration Movement

Question 7: In 1801, the Cane Ridge Revival in Kentucky planted the seed for a movement in ________ and the Ohio River valley to disassociate from denominationalism.

Question 8: Some see divisions in the movement as the result of the tension between the goals of restoration and ecumenism, with the Churches of Christ and Independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ resolving the tension by stressing restoration while the ________ resolved the tension by stressing ecumenism.
Convention of Philippine Baptist ChurchesAssemblies of GodChristian Church (Disciples of Christ)Iglesia ni Cristo

Question 9: [57]:53 There have been strong ties with the ________, but many conservative ministers and congregations associate with the Independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ instead.
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)Convention of Philippine Baptist ChurchesAssemblies of GodIglesia ni Cristo

Question 10: The Restoration Movement (also known as the American Restoration Movement or the Stone-Campbell Movement) is a ________ movement that began on the American frontier during the Second Great Awakening of the early 19th century.
JesusChristianityChristianCatholic Church


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