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Question 1: What does the following picture show?

  Restaurants in Greek islands are often situated right on the beach. This is an example from Astipalea.
  A Song Dynasty teahouse from the painting Along the River During Qingming Festival, by artist Zhang Zeduan (1085–1145)
  Tom's Restaurant is a restaurant in New York that was mentioned by Suzanne Vega and used in the television sitcom Seinfeld
  J. Henry Dunant III restaurant in The Netherlands

Question 2:
What role did John Carroll Lynch play in the movie Restaurant?
Chris Calloway
John English

Question 3:
Who played Chris Calloway the movie Restaurant?
David Moscow
Adrien Brody
John Carroll Lynch
Adrien Brody

Question 4: [4] An account from 1275 writes of ________, the capital city for the last half of the dynasty:

Question 5: For example, there are seafood restaurants, vegetarian restaurants or ________ restaurants.
Indigenous peoplesMoresSouth Asian ethnic groupsEthnic group

Question 6:
What role did David Moscow play in the movie Restaurant?
Chris Calloway

Question 7: Food catering establishments which may be described as restaurants were known since the 11th century in ________, China's northern capital during the first half of the Song Dynasty (960–1279).

Question 8: The term restaurant (from the French restaurer, to restore) first appeared in the 16th century, meaning "a food which restores", and referred specifically to a rich, highly flavoured ________.
BreakfastMedieval cuisineGreek cuisineSoup

Question 9: He later wrote what became a standard ________, L'Art du cuisinier (1814).
Food writingCookbookFrench cuisineCooking

Question 10: After migrating to ________, he founded the Hindoostanee Coffee House in 1810.
United KingdomScotlandWalesEngland

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