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Question 1: A resonator ukulele or "resophonic ukulele" is a ukulele whose sound is produced by one or more spun aluminum cones (________) instead of the wooden soundboard (ukulele top/face).
Maxwell's equationsElectrical impedanceElectrical networkResonator

Question 2: In 1929, Dopyera left National to form the Dobro Manufacturing Company with his brothers Rudy, Emile, Robert and Louis, Dobro being a contraction of "Dopyera Brothers" and coincidentally meaning "good" in their native ________.
Slovak languagePolish languageCzech languageBulgarian language

Question 3: These instruments are sometimes referred to as "Dobro ukuleles," however the term "Dobro" is currently trademarked by the ________.
Gibson Les PaulGibson Guitar Corporation product listEric ClaptonGibson Guitar Corporation


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