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Question 1: When a wave that is resonant with the cavity enters, it bounces back and forth within the cavity, with low loss (see ________).
ResonatorNode (physics)ResonanceStanding wave

Question 2: The oppositely moving waves interfere with each other to create a pattern of ________ in the resonator.
ResonanceStanding wave ratioNode (physics)Standing wave

Question 3: The ________ directs the extracted RF energy to the load, which may be a cooking chamber in a microwave oven or a high gain antenna in the case of radar.
OpticsElectromagnetic radiationWaveguideWaveguide (electromagnetism)

Question 4: A resonator is a device or system that exhibits resonance or resonant behavior, that is, it naturally oscillates at some frequencies, called its resonance frequencies, with greater ________ than at others.
Crest factorAmplitudeMeasuring instrumentWave

Question 5: Oscillations are limited by the inclusion of a ________, which will be present, even if not specifically included, due to the resistance of the inductor windings.
ResistorElectronic componentMultimeterElectrical impedance

Question 6: Many five-string banjos have removable resonators, to allow the instrument to be used with resonator in bluegrass style, or without in ________ style.
Pete SeegerWoody GuthrieElectric folkFolk music

Question 7: The tube is open at the top end and closed at the bottom end, creating a column of air which ________ when the note is struck.
ResonatorMechanical resonanceQ factorResonance

Question 8: It is a ________ that works in conjunction with a specifically tuned cavity by the configuration of the structures.
X-rayIonizing radiationNuclear fusionParticle accelerator

Question 9: It can be viewed as a ________ short-circuited at both ends.
Electromagnetic radiationWaveguideWaveguide (electromagnetism)Microwave

Question 10: Thus an optical cavity, also known as a resonator, is a cavity with walls which reflect ________ (light).
Electromagnetic radiationMaxwell's equationsElectromagnetismClassical electromagnetism


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