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Question 1: ________ Zionist resistance to British occupation in Mandate Palestine

Question 2: Soviet resistance movement of ________ and underground which had Moscow-organized and spontaneously formed cells opposing German occupation.
Eastern Front (World War II)Belarusian partisansSoviet partisansResistance during World War II

Question 3: Somali ________ (ongoing)
Operation Enduring Freedom – Horn of AfricaHarakat al-Shabaab MujahideenWar in Somalia (2006–2009)War in Somalia (2009–)

Question 4: People who are described as "freedom fighters" are often also referenced as ________, rebels, insurgents, or terrorists.
InfanticideHonor killingAssassinationMass murder

Question 5: [4] Ultimately, the distinction is a ________ judgment.
PoliticsPolitical partyPolitical philosophyIdeology

Question 6: The term "Resistance" originates from the self-designation of the ________ during World War II.
French ResistanceVichy FranceWestern Front (World War II)Axis powers

Question 7: ________ (ongoing)
MarseilleNational Liberation Front of CorsicaAjaccioBastia

Question 8: The correct military term for removing or overthrowing a government is an ________.

Question 9: ________ - an example of (Dutch) resistance in practise.
MaastrichtValkenburg resistanceNetherlandsLimburg (Netherlands)

Question 10: Any government facing violent acts from a resistance movement usually condemns such acts as ________, even when such attacks target only the military or security forces.
Pakistan and state terrorismAl-QaedaIslamic terrorismTerrorism

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