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Question 1: Williston Lake (74 km3; ________)
United StatesUnited KingdomCanadaBarbados

Question 2: Lake Nasser (5,248 km²; ________, Sudan)

Question 3: This is also often the point at which intakes for ________ begin to suck air in, and must be extended into deeper water, where stagnant water quality is much poorer.
Tap waterWater purificationWater resourcesWater supply network

Question 4: Dry climate and water scarcity in ________ led to early development of water management techniques, including the building of a reservoir at Girnar in 3000 BC.
Research and Analysis WingIndiaLok SabhaIndia and the Non-Aligned Movement

Question 5: Reservoirs are often created by building a reinforced dam, usually out of ________, earth, rock, or a mixture across a river or stream.

Question 6: Lake Volta (148 km3; ________)
NigeriaKenyaGhanaSierra Leone

Question 7: This is a design feature that allows particles and silts to settle out, as well as time for natural biological treatment using ________, bacteria and zooplankton that naturally live within the water.
Wild fisheriesPlantPhotosynthesisAlgae

Question 8: Five thousand years ago, the craters of extinct volcanoes in ________ were used as reservoirs by farmers for their irrigation water.
AsiaWestern AsiaMiddle EastArabian Peninsula

Question 9: Lake Volta (8,482 km²; ________)
KenyaNigeriaSierra LeoneGhana

Question 10: Kuybyshev Reservoir (6,450 km²; ________)
RussiaUnited StatesMoscowRussian culture


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