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Question 1: In October 1969, St. Louis Cardinals outfielder ________ challenged his trade to the Philadelphia Phillies.
Bob GibsonLou BrockCurt FloodPete Rose

Question 2: The reserve clause is a term formerly employed in North American professional sports ________.
Delegation (law)DuressContractSharia

Question 3: When other team sports, particularly ice hockey, football, and ________ developed professional leagues, their owners essentially emulated baseball's reserve clause.
BasketballNational Basketball AssociationOlympic GamesBasque pelota

Question 4: Thus, the ________ had held in 1922 in Federal Baseball Club v. National League (259 U.S.
United States ConstitutionSupreme Court of the United StatesUnited States CongressUnited States courts of appeals

Question 5: The ________ went through several phases of compensation and other arcane provisions before reaching almost unrestricted free agency.
National Basketball AssociationShaquille O'NealMagic Johnson1998–99 NBA lockout

Question 6: Flood's case established that the reserve clause was a legitimate basis for negotiation in ________ between players and owners, and that the historic baseball antitrust exemption was valid for baseball only and not applicable to any other sport.
Collective bargainingTrade unionEmploymentLabour law

Question 7: Under the ________ of 1890, two or more non-affiliated companies in any other interstate business, were prohibited from colluding with each other to fix prices or establish schedules or rates.
Hart–Scott–Rodino Antitrust Improvements ActSherman Antitrust ActUnited States antitrust lawCompetition law

Question 8: Bosman ruling, a ________ decision that ended a similar system in European football (soccer)
European Court of JusticeTreaties of the European UnionEuropean ParliamentEuropean Union

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