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Research and development: Quiz


Question 1: Although Allergan (a ________ company) tops the spending table 43.4% investment, anything over 15% is remarkable and usually gains a reputation for being a high technology company.

Question 2: Some common measures include: budgets, numbers of ________ or on rates of peer-reviewed publications.
PatentPatent applicationSoftware patentPatent infringement

Question 3: In 2006, the world's four largest spenders of R&D were the United States (US$343 billion), the ________ (US$231 billion), China (US$136 billion), and Japan (US$130 billion).
GermanyEuropean ParliamentDenmarkEuropean Union

Question 4: Thanks to funding from government organizations, like the European Union's ________ (FP7), and modern advances in technology, R&D alliances have now become more efficient.
Joint Research Centre (European Commission)Seventh Framework ProgrammeSixth Framework ProgrammeDirectorate-General for Research (European Commission)

Question 5: In general, R&D activities are conducted by specialized units or centers belonging to companies, ________ and state agencies.
Private schoolGymnasium (school)UniversityCollege

Question 6: Companies in this category include pharmaceutical companies such as Merck & Co. (14.1%) or Novartis (15.1%), and engineering companies like ________ (24.9%).
EricssonNokiaTeliaSoneraScania (company)

Question 7: A system driven by ________ is one that puts the customer needs first, and only produces goods that are known to sell.
Marketing managementAdvertisingMarketingBusiness marketing

Question 8: ________ on organizations devoted to "R&D" may express the state of an industry, the degree of competition or the lure of progress.
StatisticsMathematical statisticsRegression analysisProbability


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