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Requirements analysis: Quiz


Question 1: In the mid-1980s, ________ was seen as the solution to the requirements analysis problem.
BreadboardPlanck constantKilogramPrototype

Question 2: Techniques introduced in the 1990s like prototyping, Unified Modeling Language (UML), use cases, and ________ are also intended as solutions to problems encountered with previous methods.
Extreme ProgrammingAgile software developmentScrum (development)Software testing

Question 3: use a greyscale color palette) in instances where the final software is expected to have ________ applied to it.
Visualization (computer graphics)IllustrationGraphic designComputer graphics

Question 4: Historically, this has included such things as holding interviews, or holding ________ (more aptly named in this context as requirements workshops) and creating requirements lists.
Marketing researchMarketingFocus groupProduct placement

Question 5: More modern techniques include ________, and use cases.
KilogramPlanck constantBreadboardPrototype

Question 6: ________ to sketch application flows and test alternatives
Interactive whiteboardBluetoothPersonal computerMicrophone

Question 7: [2] ________ must be actionable, measurable, testable, related to identified business needs or opportunities, and defined to a level of detail sufficient for system design.
Requirements analysisAgile software developmentExtreme ProgrammingRequirement

Question 8: Recording requirements: Requirements might be documented in various forms, such as natural-language documents, ________, user stories, or process specifications.
IBM Rational Unified ProcessUse caseUnified Modeling LanguageIvar Jacobson

Question 9: See ________ for a discussion of business uses.
Project managementStakeholder analysisProjectAdministration (business)


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