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Republicanism: Quiz


Question 1: Building upon political arrangements of medieval feudalism, the ________ scholars built upon their conception of the ancient world to advance their view of the ideal government.
RenaissanceBaroqueWestern art historyItalian Renaissance

Question 2: There were similar debates in many other ________ nations.
Lech WałęsaDemocratizationHelmut KohlAnti-communism

Question 3: Maynor, argues that ________ was interested in these notions and that he integrated some of them into his 1995 "new social compact" State of the Union Address.
Howard DeanAl GoreBill ClintonEd Rendell

Question 4: In Europe, republicanism was revived in the late ________ when a number of small states embraced a republican system of government.
Early Middle AgesHigh Middle AgesLate Middle AgesMiddle Ages

Question 5: It might be argued that while liberalism developed a view of ________ as pre-social and sees all institutions as limiting liberty, republicanism sees some institutions as necessary to create liberty.
CulturePropertyHuman rightsLiberty

Question 6: [14] In the United States, the solution was the creation of political parties that were popularly based on the votes of the people, and which controlled the government (see ________).
John AdamsThomas JeffersonRepublicanism in the United StatesAmerican Revolution

Question 7: These elements include the ideas of mixed government and of ________.
DemocracyPlatoRepublicanismCivic virtue

Question 8: Ideally, each ________ is engaged in a direct relationship with the state, obviating the need for group identity politics based on local, religious, or racial identification.
Ancient GreeceCitizenshipLawHonorary Canadian citizenship

Question 9:

Question 10: The collapse of the ________ in 1660 and the restoration of the monarchy under Charles II discredited republicanism among England's ruling circles.
Charles I of EnglandOliver CromwellEdward III of EnglandCommonwealth of England


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