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Question 1: Agnello was succeeded by his son Giustiniano, who stole the remains of Saint Mark the Evangelist from ________, took them to Venice, and made him the Republic's patron saint.
AlexandriaAlexander the GreatGreeceAncient Greece

Question 2: ________: Alfred A. Knopf.
BrooklynNew York CityNew York metropolitan areaManhattan

Question 3:
What is the capital of Republic of Venice?

Question 4:
Where does Republic of Venice come from?

Question 5:
What is the native name for Republic of Venice
Contea di Savouu00E8
Partitu di a Nazione Corsa
Repubblica Ligure
Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia

Question 6: Mark, which had appeared on the Republic's Flag and Coat of Arms, survives in the ________, awarded at the Venice Film Festival, and in the insignia of the large Assicurazioni Generali insurance company.
62nd Venice International Film Festival64th Venice International Film Festival63rd Venice International Film FestivalGolden Lion

Question 7: In attempts to increase interest in Venetian autonomy, in the late 20th century members of the ________ movement have occasionally staged non-violent demonstrations or run for various government bodies.
Lega NordVenetoLiga VenetaVenetian nationalism

Question 8:
What religion does Republic of Venice adhere to?
Roman Catholic, later Calvinism, Lutheranism and others
Roman Catholic convert
Protestant , Roman Catholic , Islam , others
Roman Catholic,

Question 9:
What region does Republic of Venice belong to?
East-central Italy
Spain, Portugal, England, Brazil, Italy
Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Question 10:
What type of government does Republic of Venice have?


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