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Republic of Ragusa: Quiz


Question 1: When, in 1205, the Republic of Venice invaded ________ with the forces of the Fourth Crusade, Ragusa was forced to pay a tribute and became a source of supplies for Venice (hides, wax, silver and other metals).
Bosnia and HerzegovinaSplit (city)DalmatiaCroatia

Question 2: In 1191, the city's merchants were granted the right to trade freely in ________ by Emperor Isaac II Angelos.
ByzantiumGreeksIstanbulRoman Empire

Question 3: The Croat name "Dubrovnik" is derived from the word dubrava, an oak grove;[3] by a strange ________, the Turks have corrupted this into Dobro-Venedik, meaning Good-Venice.
Swedish languageDutch languageGerman languageFalse etymology

Question 4: Article 44 of the 1811 Decree abolished the centuries-old institution of ________ in inheritance law, by which the French enabled younger noblemen to participate in that part of the family inheritance, which the former law had deprived them of.
AugustusFideicommissumRoman lawRoman censor

Question 5: Aus Dalmatien, by Ida Reinsberg-Düringsfeld (1857), on ________
YouTubeGmailGoogle BooksGoogle Books Library Project

Question 6: Dubrovnik has both and it is situated almost half way between two known Greek settlements, ________ and Korčula, which are 95 nm apart.
MontenegroBar, MontenegroTivatBudva

Question 7: This organization prevented any single family, unlike the de'Medici in ________, from prevailing.

Question 8: [7] With the weakening of ________, Venice began to see Ragusa as a rival which needed to be brought under her control, but the attempt to conquer the city in 948 failed.
IstanbulRoman EmpireGreeksByzantium

Question 9: Austria in 1848–49: Dalmatia by William Henry Stiles, on ________
YouTubeGoogle BooksGmailGoogle Books Library Project

Question 10: Originally named Communitas Ragusina (________ for "Ragusan municipality" or "community"), in the 14th century it was renamed Respublica Ragusina, first mentioned in 1385 [2] (Latin for "Ragusan Republic").
LatinVulgar LatinOld LatinRoman Empire

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