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Republic of Hawaii: Quiz


Question 1: ________, an expansionist pro-annexation Senator from Alabama, chaired the commission.
Willard WarnerEdmund PettusJohn Tyler MorganWilliam R. King

Question 2: On the basis of Blount's report, Cleveland sent Albert Sydney Willis of Kentucky to ________ as Minister to Hawaiʻi with secret instructions.
Columbus, OhioHonoluluHonolulu County, HawaiiPhoenix, Arizona

Question 3: Blount concluded in his report that the overthrow had utilized the aid of the ________, United States Minister to Hawaiʻi who ordered the landing of troops from the USS Boston.
HawaiiLiliuokalaniJohn L. StevensSanford B. Dole

Question 4: The findings of the ________ contradicted the assertions of which he was not a part of earlier made by Blount and former President Cleveland, and on February 26, 1894 at 10:43 PM was submitted.
Apology ResolutionHawaiian Organic ActMorgan ReportBlount Report

Question 5: Upon the inauguration of ________ as president of the United States on March 4, 1897, the Republic of Hawaiʻi resumed negotiations for annexation, which continued into the summer of 1898.
William McKinleyRutherford B. HayesJohn W. BrickerWarren G. Harding

Question 6: ________, an anti-imperialist, assumed the presidency and right away worked to stop the treaty of annexation.
Harry S. TrumanGrover ClevelandFranklin D. RooseveltMartin Van Buren

Question 7: The Constitutional Convention drafted a ________ for a Republic of Hawaiʻi.
ConstitutionDemocracyUnited KingdomLaw

Question 8: Cleveland appointed James Henderson Blount of ________ as Commissioner Paramount and Minister to Hawaiʻi.
Columbus, GeorgiaMacon, GeorgiaWarner Robins, GeorgiaBibb County, Georgia

Question 9: The Provisional Government was dealt a huge blow when United States President ________, who was supportive of the annexation of Hawaii, was voted out of the White House.
Dan QuayleBenjamin HarrisonChester A. ArthurCharles W. Fairbanks

Question 10: Royalist supporters landed a cargo of arms and ammunition from ________ in a secret Honolulu location.
Oakland, CaliforniaSan Jose, CaliforniaLos AngelesSan Francisco


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