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Question 1: This was the first ________ ever held in Japan, where a feudal structure under an emperor with military warlords was the norm.
Electoral reformElectionReferendumGerrymandering

Question 2: Imperial troops soon consolidated their hold on mainland Japan, and in April 1869 dispatched a fleet and an ________ force of 7,000 men to Hokkaidō.
Medieval warfareMilitary historyInfantryWeapon

Question 3: On December 15, 1868, the independent "Republic of Ezo" was proclaimed, with a government organization based on that of the ________, with Enomoto elected as its first president (sosai).
AlaskaCanadaUnited StatesPhilippines

Question 4: Through Hakodate Magistrate Nagai Naoyuki, they tried to reach out to foreign legations present in ________.
Hakodate, HokkaidōSapporoAsahikawa, HokkaidōTokyo

Question 5: During the winter of 1868-9, the defenses around the southern peninsula of ________ were enhanced, with the star fortress of Goryōkaku at the center.
Hakodate, HokkaidōTokyoSapporoAsahikawa, Hokkaidō

Question 6: The French and British extended conditional diplomatic recognition, but the ________ did not.
JapanBoshin WarGovernment of Meiji JapanMeiji period

Question 7: The Ezo Republic had its own flag[2], a ________ (symbol of Imperial rule) and a red star with seven points (symbol of the new Republic) on a sky-blue background.


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