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Question 1: Republic produced many "________" and rural musicals and comedies featuring Bob Burns, the Weaver Brothers, and Judy Canova that were popular in various areas of the United States.
HillbillyBluegrass musicCountry musicAppalachia

Question 2: Most of the pre-1952 ________ feature films, including
Warner Bros.United ArtistsAcademy Award for Best PictureMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Question 3: Although Republic made most of its films in black and white, it occasionally would produce a higher-budget film, such as The Red Pony (1949) and The Quiet Man (1952) in ________.
Color motion picture filmRKO PicturesTechnicolorWarner Bros.

Question 4:
  • The international rights to the 1982 horror anthology ________ (owned domestically by Warner Bros.)
    The Dark Half (film)CreepshowStephen KingMedia based on Stephen King works

Question 5: The pre-1973 ________ catalog, including
Universal SportsTelemundoNBCShopNBC

Question 6: She was originally featured in musicals as Republic's answer to ________, but Yates tried to build her up as a dramatic star, casting her in leading roles opposite important male stars.
Barbara Ann ScottKatarina WittSonja HenieJeannette Altwegg

Question 7:
  • These do not include the ________ and Superman cartoons, which were sold to different entities and are now held by Time Warner
    Bud SagendorfE. C. SegarPopeyeBobby London

Question 8: Not included are most of the libraries of ________ and Ruby-Spears Productions, which were sold off to Turner Broadcasting System in 1991 (along with the H-B studio itself); these are also owned by Time Warner
What's New, Scooby-Doo?Warner Bros.Hanna-BarberaTheatrically-released films based on Hanna–Barbera animations

Question 9: ________ (1948), directed by and starring Orson Welles
King DuncanMacbeth (1948 film)Macbeth (1971 film)Lady Macbeth

Question 10: In 1994, Spelling Entertainment (headed by ________) acquired Republic Pictures.
Kate JacksonAaron SpellingTori SpellingDynasty (TV series)


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