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Reproductive rights: Quiz


Question 1: Similarly, ________ has argued that the realisation of reproductive rights is linked with the realisation of a series of recognised human rights, including the right to health, the right to freedom from discrimination, the right to privacy, and the right not to be subjected to torture or ill-treatment.
Amnesty InternationalUnited Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesPeacekeepingAung San Suu Kyi

Question 2: According to Knudsen, issues related to reproductive rights are some of the most vigorously contested rights' issues worldwide, regardless of the population's socioeconomic level, religion or ________.
SlaveryCultureHuman rightsFamily

Question 3: The ________ (UNFPA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) advocate for reproductive rights with a primary emphasis on women's rights.
Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDSUnited Nations Industrial Development OrganizationUnited Nations Human Rights CouncilUnited Nations Population Fund

Question 4: Reproductive rights began to develop a subset of ________ at the United Nation's 1968 International Conference on Human Rights.
Human rightsSlaveryTortureCulture

Question 5: Three international issues in men's reproductive health are ________, cancer and exposure to toxins.
Safe sexReproductive medicineSexual dysfunctionSexually transmitted disease

Question 6: In 1945, the ________ included the obligation "to promote...
United Nations Security CouncilUnited Nations CharterUNICEFUnited Nations Security Council resolution

Question 7: The reproductive rights of women are advanced in the context of the right to freedom from ________ and the social and economic status of women.
Racial segregationDiscriminationAgeismRacism

Question 8: [10] The Cairo Program is the first international policy document to define ________,[10] stating:
MarriageReproductive healthSex educationFamily planning

Question 9: The twenty year "Cairo Programme of Action" was adopted in 1994 at the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) in ________.

Question 10: In many countries, post-ICPD tensions emerged as the ________-based approach was implemented.
Human rightsReproductive rightsTortureCulture

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