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Reporters Without Borders: Quiz


Question 1: [39][41] The face had been superimposed by RSF with that of a May 1968 CRS anti-riot police agent, and the postcard handed out at ________ in Paris to tourists boarding on flights for Cuba.
Lyon-Saint Exupéry AirportParis-Charles de Gaulle AirportNice Côte d'Azur AirportParis-Orly Airport

Question 2: Winners have included Guillermo Fariñas (Cuba), Zouhair Yahyaoui (Tunisia), ________ (China), and Massoud Hamid (Syria).
Huang QiHu Jintao2008 Sichuan earthquakeWen Jiabao

Question 3: [34] According to ________, the School in the past has produced training manuals which advocated torture, blackmail, beatings and executions.
Aung San Suu KyiAmnesty InternationalUnited Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesHuman rights

Question 4: RWB was founded in ________, France in 1985.
Marseillan, HéraultPézenasMontpellierBéziers

Question 5: American reporter on human rights, ________, who was imprisoned under Gérard Latortue's rule, said of RSF:
United Nations Stabilization Mission in HaitiKevin PinaFlashpoints (radio program)Cité Soleil

Question 6: [11] RWB has also been criticized for supporting ________'s version of events about its false reporting in relation to a 2009 earthquake, claiming Globovision was "being hounded by the government and the administration."[49]

Question 7: The handbook provides technical tips on how to ________ anonymously and avoid censorship.
PermalinkPolitical blogBlog softwareBlog

Question 8: ________
List of European countries by press freedom indexEconomy of EuropeList of European countries by GDP (PPP) per capitaList of European countries by Corruption Perceptions Index

Question 9: [30] RWB has also received extensive funding from other institutions long critical of Fidel Castro's government, including the ________[45]
BelarusBosnia and HerzegovinaInternational Republican InstituteAzerbaijan

Question 10: As first president of the Davao Association of Sports Journalists he was murdered in ________ on December 24.
Cagayan de Oro CityDavao CityBacolod CityZamboanga City

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