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Repeater: Quiz


Question 1: An analog device that ________ an input signal regardless of its nature (analog or digital).
AmplifierElectronic amplifierOperational amplifierCommon emitter

Question 2: When providing a point-to-point telecom link using radio beyond line of sight, one uses repeaters in a ________.
Antenna (radio)Radio propagationUltra high frequencyMicrowave transmission

Question 3: Repeaters are often used in trans-continental and submarine communications cables, because the ________ (signal loss) over such distances would be unacceptable without them.
Inverse-square lawAttenuationOptical fiberTransparency and translucency

Question 4: A special subgroup of those repeaters is those used in ________.
Amateur radioD-STARCitizens' band radioAmateur radio repeater

Question 5: Store and forward digipeaters generally receive a ________ transmission and then retransmit it on the same frequency, unlike repeaters that receive on one and transmit on another frequency.
PACTORPacket radioAX.25Radioteletype

Question 6: The invention of the ________ made transcontinental telephony practical.
Audion tubeVacuum tubeJohn Ambrose FlemingLee De Forest

Question 7: Because repeaters work with the actual physical signal, and do not attempt to interpret the data being transmitted, they operate on the Physical layer, the first layer of the ________.
MultibusISO/IEEE 11073OpenDocumentOSI model

Question 8: A repeater is an ________ device that receives a signal and retransmits it at a higher level and/or higher power, or onto the other side of an obstruction, so that the signal can cover longer distances.
ElectronicsElectronic engineeringEngineeringElectrical engineering

Question 9: In the 1930s ________ repeaters using hybrid coils became commonplace, allowing the use of thinner wires.
Vacuum tubeX-rayDiodeHot cathode

Question 10: The term "repeater" originated with ________ and referred to an electromechanical device used to regenerate telegraph signals.
TelegraphyElectrical telegraphRadioUnited Kingdom


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