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Question 1:
Rent seeking, Karl Marx and Capitalism are all:
Political economy Political corruption Renting Public choice theory

Question 2: Rent seeking is held to occur often in the form of ________ for economic regulations such as tariffs.
Lobbying in the United StatesLobbying in the United KingdomLobbyingEuropean Parliament

Question 3:
Rent seeking, Filibuster and Political corruption are all:
Public choice theory Renting Political corruption Political economy

Question 4: From a theoretical standpoint, the ________ of rent seeking can be considerable.
Moral hazardSubprime mortgage crisisHenry PaulsonFederal Reserve System

Question 5: Studies of rent seeking focus on efforts to capture special monopoly privileges such as government regulation of free enterprise ________.
HumanCompetition (economics)EconomicsCompetition

Question 6: [9] It has been shown that rent-seeking by ________ can push up the cost of production of public goods [10].
BureaucracyCivil societyExecutive (government)Law

Question 7: Other rent seeking is held to be associated with efforts to cause a ________ by, for example, shifting the government tax burden or government spending allocation.
SocialismRedistribution (economics)CapitalismProperty

Question 8: Often a further distinction is drawn between rents obtained legally through political power and the proceeds of private ________ crimes such as fraud, embezzlement and theft.
ShariaCommon lawReception statuteCivil law (legal system)

Question 9:
Rent seeking, Lease and Leasehold estate are all:
Political corruption Public choice theory Renting Political economy

Question 10: Often-cited examples include a farm lobby that seeks tariff protection or an entertainment lobby that seeks expansion of the scope of ________.
CopyrightIntellectual propertyCopyright on typefacesPublic domain

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