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Renin inhibitor: Quiz


Question 1: Antihypertensives • Diuretics • Vasodilators • Beta blockers • Calcium channel blockers • renin-angiotensin system (________, Angiotensin II receptor antagonists, Renin inhibitors)
ACE inhibitorATC code LAntihypertensive drugChemotherapy

Question 2: Aliskiren, is a first-in-class oral renin inhibitor, developed by ________ in conjunction with the biotech company Speedel[1].
NestléSyngentaNovartisHoffmann–La Roche

Question 3: Renin inhibitor, or inhibitors of renin, are a new group of pharmaceuticals that are used primarily in treatment of ________.
AtherosclerosisHypertensionEssential hypertensionAortic dissection

Question 4: They act on the juxtaglomerular cells of ________, which produce renin in response to decreased blood flow.
KidneyUrinary systemLiverEndocrine system


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