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Question 1: ________ can be considered a renewable material (also non-renewable) when carefully controlled usage, treatment, and release are followed.
WaterEarthWater resourcesOxygen

Question 2: Products (foods, chemicals, ________, etc) from this type of agriculture may be considered "sustainable" when processing, logistics, etc.
Carbon footprintBiofuelIndex of climate change articlesEmissions trading

Question 3: ________ is also considered as a renewable source of energy.

Question 4: Some natural renewable resources such as geothermal power, fresh water, timber, and ________ must be carefully managed to avoid exceeding the world's capacity to replenish them.
BioenergyBiofuelBiomassEthanol fuel

Question 5: Similarly, forest products such as lumber, plywood, paper and ________, can be renewable resources when produced by sustainable forestry techniques.
CarbonOxygenChemical substanceChemistry

Question 6: The term has a connotation of sustainability of the ________.
EarthEcologyNatural environmentNature

Question 7: The fastest growing type of ________[1], increasing at 50 percent a year, is the photovoltaic cell, which converts sunlight directly into electricity.
Renewable energyEthanol fuelSustainable energyAlternative energy

Question 8: For example, groundwater could be removed from an ________ at a rate greater than the sustainable recharge.
Water contentHydraulic conductivityAquiferHydrogeology

Question 9: ________ is the energy derived directly from the Sun.
Renewable energySolar thermal energySolar energySolar power

Question 10: ________ is derived from uneven heating of the Earth's surface from the Sun and the warm core.
Wind power in New ZealandWind powerSolar powerPickens Plan

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