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Renal artery stenosis: Quiz


Question 1: Deterioration in renal function may develop if both kidneys are poorly supplied, or when treatment with an ________ is initiated.
Renin inhibitorAntihypertensive drugAngiotensin II receptor antagonistACE inhibitor

Question 2: auscultation (with ________) - bruit ("rushing" sound) on affected side, inferior of the costal margin
HospitalStethoscopeHealth care systemSphygmomanometer

Question 3: Renal artery stenosis is the narrowing of the renal artery, most often caused by ________ or fibromuscular dysplasia.
Cardiovascular diseaseAtheromaAtherosclerosisHypertension

Question 4: A 2003 ________ found that angioplasty was safe and effective in this context.
Statistical hypothesis testingMeta-analysisForest plotEffect size

Question 5: These include ________, antiplatelet agents and drugs for control of blood pressure.
Hypolipidemic agentStatinFibrateBile acid sequestrant

Question 6: If the stenosis is longstanding and severe the GFR in the affected kidneys never increases again and (prerenal) ________ is the result.
Acute kidney injuryNephrotic syndromeRenal failureChronic kidney disease

Question 7: Hypertension and atrophy of the affected ________ may result from renal artery stenosis, ultimately leading to renal failure if not treated.
Endocrine systemKidneyUrinary systemLiver

Question 8: refractory hypertension - high blood pressure that cannot be controlled adequately with ________
DiureticAngiotensin II receptor antagonistAntihypertensive drugBeta blocker


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