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Renaissance of the 12th century: Quiz


Question 1: The earliest written record of a windmill is from Yorkshire, ________, dated 1185.
ScotlandEnglandWalesUnited Kingdom

Question 2: Prominent non-scholastics of the time included ________, Peter Damian, Bernard of Clairvaux, and the Victorines.
Anselm of CanterburyAugustine of HippoThomas AquinasBlaise Pascal

Question 3: In the late 13th century, a Venetian explorer named Marco Polo became one of the first Europeans to travel the Silk Road to ________.
Religion in ChinaProvince (China)ChinaTime in China

Question 4: Leonardo of Pisa introduces ________ to Europe with his book Liber Abaci in 1202.
Eastern Arabic numeralsArabic numeralsArabic languageAbjad numerals

Question 5: Paper manufacture began in ________ around 1270.

Question 6: [6] Meanwhile, the Oxford Calculators began to mathematically analyze the ________ of motion, conducting this analysis without considering the causes of motion.
Classical mechanicsForceKinematicsRigid body

Question 7: In Northern Europe, the ________ was founded in the 12th century, with the foundation of the city of Lübeck in 11581159.
Hanseatic LeagueGdańskHamburgSzczecin

Question 8: Westerners became more aware of the Far East when Polo documented his travels in ________.
Ibn BattutaKublai KhanAsiaThe Travels of Marco Polo

Question 9: Charles H. Haskins was the first historian to write extensively about a renaissance that ushered in the ________ starting about 1070.
Early Middle AgesLate Middle AgesHigh Middle AgesByzantine Empire

Question 10: The development of ________ allowed them to aid materially in the translation and propagation of these texts and started a new infrastructure which was needed for scientific communities.
Medieval universityHigh Middle AgesHoly Roman EmpireMiddle Ages


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