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Question 1: These musicians were known as the ________.
OperaGiulio CacciniGiovanni de' BardiFlorentine Camerata

Question 2: Due to its significance on Irish history it is seen even on the ________ label, and is Ireland's national symbol even to this day.
GuinnessDublinAt Swim-Two-BirdsGuinness Brewery

Question 3: The increasing reliance on the interval of the third as a consonance is one of the most pronounced features of early Renaissance European art music (in the ________, thirds had been considered dissonances: see interval).
Late Middle AgesMiddle AgesEarly Middle AgesHigh Middle Ages

Question 4: This group gradually dropped the late Medieval period's complex devices of isorhythm and extreme ________, resulting in a more limpid and flowing style.
SyncopationMusicBeat (music)Jazz

Question 5: ________: Its construction is similar to a small harp, although instead of being plucked, it is strummed with a plectrum.
ViolinKemencheLyreByzantine lyra

Question 6: In the early 1470s, music started to be printed using a ________.
BookPrinting pressMovable typeJohannes Gutenberg

Question 7: It has structural qualities similar to the Spanish ________; its main separating trait is its larger size.
Classical guitarVihuelaClassical guitar repertoireGuitar

Question 8: ________: Early trumpets had no valves, and were limited to the tones present in the overtone series.
Brass instrumentCornetTrumpetTrombone

Question 9: Renaissance music is ________ written during the Renaissance.
Classical musicMusic theoryMusical notationMusical form

Question 10: ________: In the early ages the tambourine was originally a frame drum without the jingles attached to the side.

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