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Question 1: Purporting to be a staunch ________, Barrientos actively courted the Church and, in fact, chose as his running mate in the 1966 elections the leader of the small Christian Democrat Party of Bolivia, Dr.
JesusChristianityChristianCatholic Church

Question 2: Barrientos is a native of Tarata, department of Cochabamba, and is of mixed ________ and Spanish descent.
QuechuaEnglish languageQuechuan languagesDutch language

Question 3: He was fiercely ________ and pro-free market.
Anti-communismMikhail GorbachevLech WałęsaBoris Yeltsin

Question 4: General Barrientos was quite charismatic, and was initially popular with ordinary Bolivians, aided by the fluency with which he spoke ________, the most important native language among the Bolivian peasantry.
Dutch languageQuechuan languagesQuechuaEnglish language

Question 5: General Barrientos came to power by overthrowing the social reform government of ________ in an army backed coup.
Hugo BanzerLidia Gueiler TejadaGonzalo Sánchez de LozadaVíctor Paz Estenssoro

Question 6: During his five-year rule, Barrientos and the army suppressed all opposition to his conservative regime, including a minor organized insurgency by ________ in 1967 to impose his moral.
Guerrillero HeroicoChe (film)Che GuevaraFidel Castro


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