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Question 1: Additionally, the earliest days of the ________ era found digital technology in its infancy, which sometimes resulted in poor sounding digital transfers.
Compact DiscUniversal Media DiscMiniDiscDigital Audio Tape

Question 2: The process of creating a digital transfer of an analogue tape re-masters the material in the digital domain, even if no ________, compression, or other processing is done to the material.
Sound reinforcement systemEqualization filterEqualizationLow-pass filter

Question 3: When the first ________ remasters turned out to be bestsellers, companies soon realized that new editions of back catalogue items could compete with new releases as a source of revenue.
MiniDiscDigital Audio TapeCompact DiscUniversal Media Disc

Question 4: As ________ were a digital format, digital masters created from original analog recordings became a necessity.
Compact DiscDigital Audio TapeUniversal Media DiscMiniDisc

Question 5: This tape was mixed to create a ________ or mono master.
Sound recording and reproductionMultichannel television soundStereophonic soundFM broadcasting

Question 6: The earliest days of the DVD era were not much different, with early ________ copies of movies frequently being produced from worn prints, with low bitrates and muffled audio.
Blu-ray DiscHD DVDDVDLaserdisc

Question 7: All ________ created from analogue sources are technically digitally remastered.
MiniDiscCompact DiscDigital Audio TapeUniversal Media Disc

Question 8: Previously, creating new masters meant incurring an analogue generational loss; in other words, copying a tape to a tape meant reducing the ________.
Johnson–Nyquist noisePeak signal-to-noise ratioNoise (electronics)Signal-to-noise ratio

Question 9: A further master tape would likely be created from this original master recording consisting of ________ and other adjustments and improvements to the audio to make it sound better on record players for example.
Low-pass filterEqualization filterSound reinforcement systemEqualization

Question 10: For example, the reissue boom that began in the mid-nineties saw remastered versions of the back-catalogues of Kiss, The Who, ________ and others, while remastered editions of first-generation DVD releases are similarly bestsellers.
The Notorious Byrd BrothersGram ParsonsMr. Tambourine Man (album)The Byrds


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