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Question 1: Basingstoke, Hampshire: ________.
Oxford University PressLondonJohn Fell (clergyman)United Kingdom

Question 2: Saint Thomas Aquinas elaborated on these criteria and his writings were used by the ________ to regulate the actions of European countries.
Pope John Paul IIPope Gregory ICatholic ChurchPope

Question 3: Roman Catholicism and ________ figured in the opposing sides of this conflict, though Catholic France did take the side of the Protestants but purely for political reasons.
Covenant theologyProtestant ReformationArminianismCalvinism

Question 4: [3] Often, these enemies would be one and the same, such as the Lombard Legions, which were portrayed as a common enemy of Rome and a satanic ________ tribe as well.
Prehistoric religionPolytheismPaganismChristianity and Paganism

Question 5: The Muslim Conquests, the French Wars of Religion, the ________, and the Reconquista are frequently cited historical examples.
Counter-ReformationFirst seven Ecumenical CouncilsCrusadesEast–West Schism

Question 6: Originally, the goal was to recapture Jerusalem and the Holy Land from the Muslims, and support the besieged Christian ________ against the Muslim Seljuq expansion into Asia Minor and Europe proper.
Western Roman EmpireRoman EmpireByzantine EmpireByzantine Iconoclasm

Question 7: The Muslim concept of ________,which is the Arabic word for struggle and which has a combative aspect, was set down in the 7th Century.
JihadIslamismIslamIslamic terrorism

Question 8: Saint Augustine is credited as being the first to detail a "Just War" theory within ________, whereby war is justifiable on religious grounds.
EcumenismChristianityChristian denominationBaptist

Question 9: The Crusades were a series of military campaigns—usually sanctioned by the Papacy—that took place during the 11th through 13th centuries in response to the ________.
Muslim conquestsMuslim historyIslamCaliphate

Question 10: For example, there is a common perception of The Troubles in ________ as a religious conflict, as one side (Nationalists) was predominantly composed of Catholics and the other (Unionists) of Protestants.
Irish peopleNorthern IrelandScotlandUnited Kingdom


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