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Religious toleration: Quiz


Question 1: 1264, The Statute of Kalisz guaranteed safety, personal liberties, freedom of religion, trade, and travel to Jews in ________.

Question 2: 1988, April 29 - in the spirit of ________, Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev promised increased religious toleration.
Lech WałęsaGlasnostPerestroikaBoris Yeltsin

Question 3: 313, The Edict of Milan issued by the Emperors ________ and Licinius proclaiming religious toleration in the Roman Empire.
Constantine IMaximianMaxentiusDiocletian

Question 4: [5] Without this distinction, the ________ in England could not be adequately understood.
Spanish InquisitionCrusadesChristianizationChristian debate on persecution and toleration

Question 5: In ________, Sam Harris asserts that we should be unwilling, as individuals, to tolerate unjustified beliefs about morality, spirituality, politics, and the origin of humanity.
Criticism of religionFundamentalismThe End of FaithSam Harris (author)

Question 6: 1554, ________ writes the pamphlet "De haereticis, an sint persequendi" (Whether heretics should be persecuted), the first modern appeal for toleration.
BaselSebastian CastellioJohn CalvinMichael Servetus

Question 7: 1965, December 7 The Roman Catholic Church Vatican II Council issues the decree ________ (Religious Freedom) that states that all people must have the right to religious freedom.
Pope John Paul IIDignitatis HumanaePope Paul VIPope Pius XI

Question 8: The grand theme of divine tolerance is the emphasis on "the patience and longsuffering of God" as it is frequently portrayed in the Christian ________; This image of God has been invoked by early Christian advocates of toleration.
Biblical canonBibleChristianity and JudaismNevi'im

Question 9: This tradition is evident from the fact that ________ chose to be a secular country even though it was created after partitioning on religious lines.
Research and Analysis WingIndiaIndia and the Non-Aligned MovementLok Sabha

Question 10: ________ has earned a reputation of being highly tolerant of other religions.
AyyavazhiBuddhismHinduismIndian religions


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