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Religious belief: Quiz


Question 1: Similarly many freethinkers derive happiness from being able to decide philosophical and ________ issues for themselves, and some become unhappy in their state.
ConscienceVirtueMoralityMoral relativism

Question 2: ________ went on to investigate how religious or spiritual identity may have correlations with longer lifespan and better health.
Humanistic psychologySigmund FreudCarl RogersClinical psychology

Question 3: Unlike philosophy, religion makes a distinction between the sacred and the ________.

Question 4: For example, some ________ believe that women are inferior to men.

Question 5: ________ • Euthyphro dilemma • Faith • Intelligent design • Miracle • Problem of evil • Religious belief • Soul • Spirit  • Theodicy • Theological veto

Question 6: Many other religions (and non-religious organisations and individuals, e.g.: humanistic ________) have also performed equivalent or similar work.
StarbucksOxfamFair tradeUnited Kingdom

Question 7: Others with this world view resist the influence of ________, and believe that science, or "so-called science", should be guided by religion.
Social sciencesSciencePseudoscienceScientific method

Question 8: Rabbinic tradition asserts that the basic standard of righteousness was established in a covenant with Noah: anyone who keeps the ________ of this covenant has "a share in the world to come".
Seven Laws of NoahKabbalahTorahHalakha

Question 9: They may thus disagree with religious interpretations of ethics and human purpose, or various ________.
UniverseCreation mythCreator deityGnosticism

Question 10: In medieval times, Shankara advocated for the ________ system of philosophy.
Advaita VedantaAdi ShankaraVedantaVishishtadvaita

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