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Religious Science: Quiz


Question 1: [19] Some adherents of RS/SOM also use supplemental ________ techniques, including "Visioning" [20]

Question 2: The Law of Attraction, as popularized in ________ is one aspect of that Law.
ReligionThe Secret (2006 film)New AgeOprah Winfrey

Question 3: In that way, it differs from traditional ________, since it does not ask an entity separate from itself to act.
MeditationPrayerReligionAbrahamic religions

Question 4: ________
List of New Thought denominations and independent centersReligious ScienceChurch of Divine ScienceList of New Thought writers

Question 5: Religious Science, also known as Science of Mind, was founded in 1927 by Ernest Holmes (1887–1960) and is a spiritual, philosophical and metaphysical religious movement within the ________ movement.
TranscendentalismNew ThoughtReligionFeminist theology

Question 6: International Centers for Spiritual Living (ICSL) (formerly) ________ (RSI)[26]
List of New Thought denominations and independent centersNew ThoughtChurch of Divine ScienceList of New Thought writers

Question 7: Holmes had previously studied another New Thought teaching ________, Holmes was an ordained Divine Science Minister.
Religious ScienceChurch of Divine ScienceNew York CityBoston

Question 8: The RS/SOM teaching generally incorporates ________ and panentheistic philosophies.

Question 9: Many believe it might be the quintessential spirituality for the next millennium." [11] His teachings attracted famous celebrities of his time including Cecil B. DeMille, Peggy Lee, and ________.
James Stewart (actor)Alfred HitchcockCary GrantKatharine Hepburn

Question 10: Upon publication of his book in 1926, The Science of Mind,[5]which is referenced and based on the teachings of Jesus Christ[6] and the ________ [7].
BibleBiblical canonChristianity and JudaismNevi'im


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