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Religions of the Ancient Near East: Quiz


Question 1: Over time, deities took part in multiple syncretic relationships, for instance, the combination of Ra and ________ into Ra-Herakty.
HorusApis (Egyptian mythology)Set (mythology)Osiris

Question 2: Cyprus, ________ (Minoan civilization): Minoan religion

Question 3: sacrifices (________, libations, rarely, but prominently in mythology, human sacrifice)
CremationDeath and cultureAfterlifeAnimal sacrifice

Question 4: ________ (the Hittite Empire, Assuwa, Arzawa): Hittite mythology, Hurrian mythology
IstanbulTurkish peopleAnatoliaTurkey

Question 5: The dominant religious rituals and beliefs of ________ merged and developed over time.
Ancient EgyptAlexander the GreatNew KingdomPtolemaic Kingdom

Question 6: state (city state) sponsored religions (________)
TheocracyMonarchyIslamic republicRepublic

Question 7: It left its trace in incantations, omens and hymns, and it gave birth to ________, which was assiduously cultivated because a knowledge of the heavens was the very foundation of the system of belief unfolded by the priests of Babylonia and Assyria.

Question 8: On the ________ sides, the religion of Babylonia more particularly, and to a less extent that of Assyria, advances to noticeable conceptions of the qualities associated with the gods and goddesses and of the duties imposed on man.

Question 9: Ancient Near Eastern religion knew an elaborate system of malevolent demons, and much of medicine consisted of ________, e.g.
GhostDemonic possessionExorcismNear death experience

Question 10: Heavily influenced by Mesopotamian mythology, the religion of the ________ and Luwians retains noticeable Indo-European elements, for example Tarhunt the god of thunder, and his conflict with the serpent Illuyanka.


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