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Religion in the United Kingdom: Quiz


Question 1: A significant example is Richard Dawkins' two-part ________ documentary, The Root of all Evil?.
Five (TV channel)BBCS4CChannel 4

Question 2: Source: ________[75]
United KingdomWhite BritishEthnic groups in the United KingdomUnited Kingdom Census 2001

Question 3: There is however a single ________ to Great Britain, presently Archbishop Faustino Sainz Muñoz).

Question 4: Mirza Masroor Ahmad (Fazl Mosque, London) is the head (Khalifatul Masih) of the international ________.
Mirza Basheer-ud-Din Mahmood AhmadProphethood (Ahmadiyya)Ahmadiyya Muslim CommunityMirza Nasir Ahmad

Question 5: Roman Catholic diocesan hierarchies were re-established in England and Wales in 1850 following an influx of Irish Catholics fleeing the ________.
Daniel O'ConnellIrish peopleIrelandGreat Famine (Ireland)

Question 6: The ________ is the title of the leader of Orthodox Judaism in the Commonwealth.
United StatesSerbiaCyprusChief Rabbi

Question 7: [18] The ________ is the largest Protestant denomination and second largest church in Northern Ireland.
Christianity in IrelandUlsterPresbyterianismPresbyterian Church in Ireland

Question 8: The rate of growth was slow but steady through the century, and the 1950s saw the development of interest in ________.
Pure Land BuddhismZenGuan YinVajrayana

Question 9: Vineyard Churches UK  • site
Ichthus Christian Fellowship • site
________ • site
Pioneer Church • site
ChristChurch LondonPentecostalismNewfrontiersLou Fellingham

Question 10: The first Jewish ________, Sir David Salomons, was elected in 1855, followed by the 1858 emancipation of the Jews.
City of WestminsterCity of London CorporationGreater LondonLord Mayor of London


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