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Religion in the Philippines: Quiz


Question 1: In the Visayan regions, there is a belief in the existence of witchcraft or barang and mythical creatures such as the "________", "balay sa dwendi" and "Bakonawa", despite the existence of the Christian and Islamic faiths.
AswangTikbalangManananggalPhilippine mythology

Question 2: It is in full communion with the Philippine Episcopal Church, the rest of the ________, and the Union of Utrecht.
AnglicanismCatholicismEpiscopal Church (United States)Anglican Communion

Question 3: The El Shaddai movement is a large ________ led by 'Brother Mike Velarde'.
Catholic ChurchCatholic Charismatic RenewalCatholicismHoly Spirit

Question 4: Members Church of God International - The Members Church of God International, is a nontrinitarian religious organization known through its television program, ________ (ADD).
BalitanghaliEat Bulaga!Ang Dating DaanDiz Iz It

Question 5: The largest international congregations are in Japan, USA and ________.
BarbadosUnited StatesUnited KingdomCanada

Question 6: Today Hinduism is largely confined to the Indian Filipinos and the ________ Indian community.
Beat GenerationExpatriateParisUnited States

Question 7: The ________ (ACC) is a catholic denomination founded in the 1980s in Hermosa, Bataan.
Apostolic Catholic ChurchIglesia ni CristoIglesia Evangelica Metodista en las Islas FilipinasPhilippine Independent Church

Question 8: [citation needed] Spanish occupiers during the 16th century arrived in the ________ noting about warrior priestesses leading tribal spiritual affairs.
United StatesPapua New GuineaEast TimorPhilippines

Question 9: The following statistics are from the ________ and the 2000 census:[29]
FranceUnited StatesCyprusThe World Factbook

Question 10: Church of the Foursquare Gospel in the Philippines (________)
PentecostalismCatholicismOneness PentecostalismChristianity

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