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Question 1: In the imperial period, sacrifice was withheld following ________'s death because the gods had not kept the Emperor safe for the stipulated period.
Marcus AureliusNervaHadrianTrajan

Question 2: After the death of Constantine in 337, two of his sons, ________ and Constans took over the leadership of the empire.
Valentinian IConstantius IIDiocletianJulian the Apostate

Question 3: Ancient Roman religion encompasses the various religious beliefs and cult practices of ________.
Roman EmpireClassical antiquityRoman RepublicAncient Rome

Question 4: See also: ________
Pontifex MaximusRoman festivalsPersecution of religion in ancient RomeRoman mythology

Question 5: The first and last Roman known as a living divus was ________, who seems to have aspired to divine monarchy; he was murdered soon after.
Roman RepublicPompeyLucius Cornelius SullaJulius Caesar

Question 6: In Vergil's Aeneid, Aeneas brought the Trojan cult of the ________ and penates from Troy, along with the Palladium which was later installed in the temple of Vesta.
Vulcan (mythology)LaresImperial cult (ancient Rome)Apollo

Question 7: The deification of deceased emperors had precedent in Roman domestic cult to the dii parentes (deified ancestors) and the mythic ________ of Rome's founders.
ApolloAlexander the GreatEleusinian MysteriesApotheosis

Question 8: In the last century of the Republic, ________ and particulary Stoic interpretations were a preoccupation of the literate elite, most of whom held - or had held - high office and traditional Roman priesthoods; notably, Scaevola and the polymath Varro.

Question 9: [152] Newly municipal ________ built a Capitolium near its existing temple to Liber Pater and Serapis.
AlgiersByblosTyre, LebanonSabratha

Question 10: In 341, he decreed that all pre-Christian Graeco Roman worship and sacrifice should cease; warning those who still persisted in practising ancient Graeco-Roman polytheism with the threat of the ________.
Capital punishmentStoningReligion and capital punishmentTorture

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