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Religion in Kenya: Quiz


Question 1: Muslims have complained that they are targeted and discriminated against by the government, particularly since the ________ in Nairobi and elsewhere.
Ayman al-ZawahiriMohammed AtefAl-Qaeda1998 United States embassy bombings

Question 2: The Sunni path of ________ is the religion of approximately 7% of the Kenyan population.
IslamMuslim historyIslamic schools and branchesMosque

Question 3: ________ has several mosques and a notable Muslim population.

Question 4: International Religious Freedom Report 2006 - Kenya, ________, 2006-09-15, accessed on 2007-08-31
Bureau of Diplomatic SecurityUnited States Secretary of StateUnder Secretary of State for ManagementUnited States Department of State

Question 5: Christianity was first brought to ________ in the fifteenth century by the Portuguese and spread rapidly during the nineteenth century, when it experienced a revival.

Question 6: Today, the main ________ denominations in Kenya are Protestant confessions, which make up 38% of the country's religious composition.
ChristianityCatholic ChurchChristianJesus


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