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Religion in Germany: Quiz


Question 1: It also states that no one may be ________ against due to their faith or religious opinions.
DiscriminationAgeismRacial segregationRacism

Question 2: Bund Freikirchlicher Pfingstgemeinden (________) 40,000
ChristianityCatholicismPentecostalismOneness Pentecostalism

Question 3: ________ 250,000[5][17]
Jovan VladimirOrthodox Ohrid ArchbishopricStefan NemanjaSerbian Orthodox Church

Question 4: ________ 400,000[17]
CatholicismChristianityNew Apostolic ChurchAnglicanism

Question 5: ________ 55,000[5]
Syriac Orthodox ChurchSaint Thomas ChristiansSyriac ChristianityCoptic history

Question 6: [citation needed] Examples of groups called Sekten are Scientology and ________.
Hare KrishnaVyasaSvayam BhagavanChaitanya Mahaprabhu

Question 7: Free ________ / Charismatic 232,000[19]

Question 8: Christliche Versammlungen / Freier Br├╝derkreis / ________ 45,000[7]
Plymouth BrethrenBaptismMethodismAnglicanism

Question 9: As in most other countries the churches are actively involved in disseminating information and warnings about sects and ________ (in colloquial language the German word Sekte is used in both senses) and new religious movements.
Opposition to cults and new religious movementsAnti-cult movementPost-cult traumaCult

Question 10: Many Jews from Russia and other former communist countries in ________ adhere to Reform Judaism.


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