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Religion in France: Quiz


Question 1: For the first time, ________ were considered by the state as more than mere schismatics and heretics.
HuguenotProtestant ReformationCrusadesHuldrych Zwingli

Question 2: The discrepancy between the number of "atheists" (33%) and the number of with "no religion" (26%) may be attributed to people who feel culturally close to a religion, follow its moral values and traditions, but do not believe in ________.

Question 3: During the Ancien Régime, France had traditionally been considered the Church's eldest daughter, and the ________ always maintained close links to the Pope.
Napoleon IList of French monarchsHouse of OrléansHouse of Capet

Question 4: Centrist politicians such as François Bayrou or conservative politicians such as Union for a Popular Movement member ________ (see PACS civil union) are much more open about faith.
Christine BoutinMichèle Alliot-MarieNicolas SarkozyHervé Morin

Question 5: Although a strong ________ population resided in France, they were persecuted by the state.
BaptistChristian denominationProtestantismChristianity

Question 6: The French public and government pay attention to certain minority religious groups, considered as cults and indeed has set up a ________, which issues a yearly report.
MIVILUDESCults and governmentsParliamentary Commission on Cults in FranceAbout-Picard law

Question 7: Also, for similar historical reasons, in ________, Catholic priests are civil servants of the local government.
French GuianaMartiniqueFranceGuadeloupe

Question 8: An ongoing topic of controversy is whether the separation of Church and State should be weakened so that the government should be able to subsidize Muslim prayer rooms and the formation of ________.
ImamImamah (Shi'a Twelver doctrine)TwelverImamah (Shi'a doctrine)

Question 9: The 1685 revocation of the ________ created a state of affairs in France similar to that of virtually every other European country of the period, where only the majority state religion was tolerated.
Edict of NantesHuguenotFrench Wars of ReligionFreedom of religion

Question 10: These tensions echo earlier quarrels with respect to the influence of the ________ in French society and the influence of the Pope in French public affairs (see gallicanism vs ultramontanism.)
Pope John Paul IICatholic ChurchPope Paul VIPope Gregory I


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