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Religion in Asia: Quiz


Question 1: Christianity is a widespread minority religion in ________.

Question 2: Only four countries are predominantly Christian, ________ which is predominantly Greek Orthodox, the Philippines, which is the 4th largest Roman Catholic nation in the world, and the other predominantly Roman Catholic country is East Timor.

Question 3: Far Eastern religions is a similar grouping, but includes ________.
Journey to the WestChinese mythologyEight ImmortalsChinese folk religion

Question 4: It is the original Iranic religion, and spawned ________ and Mazdakism.

Question 5: Before the spread of Buddhism and ________, Hinduism (and Shaivism in particular) was the most widely practiced religion of Southeast Asia.
MosqueMuslim historyIslamIslamic schools and branches

Question 6: ________
CanadaUnited StatesList of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community buildings and structuresLondon

Question 7: ________ is the second largest religion in world.
MosqueMuslim historyIslamIslamic schools and branches

Question 8: The Bahá'í Faith is sometimes considered an Abrahamic religion although it is quite different from ________, Islam, and Judaism.
EcumenismChristianityBaptistChristian denomination

Question 9: There are small Christian communities in Lebanon, Syria and ________.

Question 10: South Korea has the largest percentage of Protestant believers in all of ________, with believers accounting for also 18% of the population.


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