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Religion and homosexuality: Quiz


Question 1: On the contrary, the ________ "An it harm none, do as thou wilt" is interpreted by many as allowing and endorsing responsible sexual relationships of all varieties.
Adriana PorterAidan KellyWiccan RedeAlex Sanders (Wiccan)

Question 2:
What state is Religion and homosexuality associated with?
New York

Question 3: ________ religions are almost unanimous in their acceptance of same-sex relationships as equal to heterosexual ones.
NeopaganismNeo-druidismWiccaGermanic Neopaganism

Question 4: ________ has taken various positions, ranging from positive to neutral or antagonistic.
Indian religionsHinduismAyyavazhiBuddhism

Question 5: Within Japanese traditions, there is a widespread forklore that homosexuality was "invented" by the ________ Manjusri of wisdom and the sage Kūkai, the founder of Buddhism in Japan.
AvalokiteśvaraMaitreyaBodhisattvaGuan Yin

Question 6: [5][6] Today some denominations within these religions are accepting of homosexuality and inclusive of homosexual people, such as Reform Judaism, the United Church of Christ and the ________.
LGBT-affirming Christian denominationsQueer theologyMetropolitan Community ChurchChristianity and homosexuality

Question 7: The ________ of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, have traditionally forbidden sodomy, believing and teaching that such behavior is sinful.
JesusBahá'í FaithSamaritanAbrahamic religions

Question 8: Within the Anglican communion there are openly gay clergy; for example, ________ is an openly gay Bishop in the US Episcopal Church.
Homosexuality and AnglicanismGene RobinsonEpiscopal Church (United States)Robert Duncan (bishop)

Question 9: The United Church of Christ and the Alliance of Baptists also condone gay marriage, and some parts of the ________ and Lutheran churches allow for the blessing of gay unions.
AnglicanismCatholicismEpiscopal Church (United States)Ecumenical council

Question 10: However, the authority of various traditions or scriptural passages and the correctness of ________ and interpretations are continually disputed.

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