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Question 1: In ________ a relict is an organism that at an earlier time was abundant in a large area but now occurs at only one or a few small areas.

Question 2: In ecology, an ________ which originally ranged over a large expanse, but is now narrowly confined, may be termed a relict.
Ecosystem ecologyTrophic levelEcosystemSystems ecology

Question 3: In ________, the term "relict" refers to structures or minerals from a parent rock that did not undergo metamorphosis when the surrounding rock did, or to rock that survived a destructive geologic process.
GeologyEarthNatureEarth science

Question 4: In ________, a relict is a word that is a survivor of a form or forms that are otherwise archaic.
Comparative linguisticsPhonologyHistorical linguisticsEtymology


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