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Reliabilism: Quiz


Question 1: Reliabilism, a category of theories in the philosophical discipline of ________, has been advanced both as a theory of knowledge and of justified belief (as well as other varieties of so-called positive epistemic status).

Question 2: Leading proponents of reliablist theories of knowledge and justification have included Alvin Goldman, Marshall Swain, and more recently, ________.
David HumeAlvin PlantingaImmanuel KantBertrand Russell

Question 3: Process reliabilism has been used as an argument against philosophical skepticism,[1] like the ________ idea.
Brain in a vatDream argumentPyrrhonismEvil daemon

Question 4: One knows that p (p stands for any ________--e.g., that the sky is blue) if and only if p is true, one believes that p is true, and one has arrived at the belief that p through some reliable process.
Bertrand RussellPropositionNominalismAristotle


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