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Relay: Quiz


Question 1: A reed relay has a set of contacts inside a vacuum or inert gas filled glass tube, which protects the contacts against atmospheric ________.

Question 2: A simple electromagnetic relay, such as the one taken from a car in the first picture, is an adaptation of an ________.
InductorTransformerMagnetic fieldElectromagnet

Question 3: Control a high-voltage circuit with a low-voltage signal, as in some types of ________ or audio amplifiers,
Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexingWi-FiModemDial-up Internet access

Question 4:
  • Early computing. Before vacuum tubes and transistors, relays were used as logical elements in ________.
    Central processing unitComputerPersonal computerLinux

Question 5: This ensures continuity of the circuit between the moving contacts on the armature, and the circuit track on the ________ (PCB) via the yoke, which is soldered to the PCB.
Schematic captureGerber FileSurface-mount technologyPrinted circuit board

Question 6: See ARRA (computer), Harvard Mark II, Zuse Z2, and ________.
Analytical engineAtanasoff–Berry ComputerColossus computerZ3 (computer)

Question 7: If the coil is energized with DC, a ________ is frequently installed across the coil, to dissipate the energy from the collapsing magnetic field at deactivation, which would otherwise generate a voltage spike dangerous to circuit components.
Electronic componentVacuum tubeSemiconductor deviceDiode

Question 8: To achieve electrical isolation an optocoupler can be used which is a ________ (LED) coupled with a photo transistor.
LED lampLight-emitting diodeGas-discharge lampFluorescent lamp

Question 9: The ________ is often used for designing relay logic networks.
Programmable logic controllerLadder logicFinite-state machineDigital electronics

Question 10: Although such relays once were the backbone of automation in such industries as automobile assembly, the ________ (PLC) mostly displaced the machine tool relay from sequential control applications.
SCADAFieldbusComputerProgrammable logic controller


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