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Relativism: Quiz


Question 1: He criticizes the views of the ________ Protagoras in his dialogue Thaetetus.

Question 2: Relativism is the idea that some elements or aspects of experience or ________ are relative to, i.e., dependent on, other elements or aspects.
Human rightsCultureFamilySlavery

Question 3: He later co-authored the book ________ (also known as Intellectual Impostures) with Jean Bricmont, which criticises the postmodernist use and (what they perceived to be) abuse of science.
Jacques LacanBeyond the HoaxFashionable NonsenseGilles Deleuze

Question 4: ________ was the first great critic of relativism.
PlatoAristotleImmanuel KantBertrand Russell

Question 5: Thomas Kuhn's philosophy of science, as expressed in ________ is often interpreted as relativistic.
AristotleHistory of scienceThe Structure of Scientific RevolutionsIsaac Newton

Question 6: ________ and Mark Johnson define relativism in their book Metaphors We Live By as the rejection of both subjectivism and metaphysical objectivism in order to focus on the relationship between them, i.e.
George LakoffWhere Mathematics Comes FromCognitive scienceEmbodied cognition

Question 7: He is an expert on postmodern thought, particularly ________, and argues that deconstruction, properly understood, does not equate to relativism.
Jacques DerridaHenri BergsonStructuralismDeconstruction

Question 8: The problem with the standard two-valued logic is simply that it only ever applies to ________ and not to interpreted sentences in use.
AristotleWillard Van Orman QuinePropositional formulaPropositional calculus

Question 9: An argument made by ________[32], among others, states that some forms of relativism make it impossible to believe one is in error.
Bertrand RussellHilary PutnamWillard Van Orman QuineSaul Kripke

Question 10: "True" and "False" as mutually exclusive and exhaustive judgements on ________, for instance, really does seem absurd.
Hamlet on screenWilliam ShakespeareHamlet (bibliographies)Hamlet


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