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Relationship between religion and science: Quiz


Question 1: [35] An exception to this acceptance is the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), which includes several members who actively oppose "________" and the modern evolutionary synthesis (see Hindu Creationism).
Natural selectionDarwinismAlfred Russel WallaceCharles Darwin

Question 2: [8] Additionally, long held religious claims have been challenged by scientific studies such as STEP,[9] which examined the ________.
RosaryBlessed Virgin MaryEfficacy of prayerOur Lady of Fátima

Question 3: Habgood states that Christians have for two millennia believed in the love of ________ because he revealed "Himself as Love in Jesus Christ," not because the physical universe does or does not point to the value of love.

Question 4: In the words of ________, "Since human beings are said to be in the image of God in virtue of their having a nature that includes an intellect, such a nature is most in the image of God in virtue of being most able to imitate God".
Duns ScotusImmanuel KantThomas AquinasBlaise Pascal

Question 5: Many well-known historical figures who influenced Western science considered themselves Christian such as ________, Galileo, Kepler, and Boyle.
HeliocentrismJohannes KeplerPolish–Lithuanian CommonwealthNicolaus Copernicus

Question 6: These include studies on the correlation between ________ (often IQ, but also other factors).
Fertility and intelligenceSex and intelligenceReligiosity and intelligenceIntelligence quotient

Question 7: [citation needed] These three problematic solutions are ________, religious experience, and the evolving consensus of scientific truth.
BibleBiblical inerrancyBiblical literalismNew Testament

Question 8: ________ • Euthyphro dilemma • Faith • Intelligent design • Miracle • Problem of evil • Religious belief • Soul • Spirit  • Theodicy • Theological veto

Question 9: [5] More typologies that categorize this relationship can be found among the works of other science and religion scholars such as ________.
Arthur PeacockeCharles Taylor (philosopher)John PolkinghorneBilly Graham

Question 10: Braithwaite • René Descartes • Robert Kilwardby • ________ • Rudolf Carnap • Stephen Toulmin • Stoics • Thomas Hobbes • Thomas Samuel Kuhn • Vienna Circle • W.V.O.


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