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Relational frame theory: Quiz


Question 1: RFT is a ________ approach to language[1].
Evolutionary psychologyBehaviorismWilliam JamesPsychology

Question 2: ________ proposed one such approach in 1957 in his book Verbal Behavior.
B. F. SkinnerRoger Wolcott SperryGeorge Armitage MillerNeal E. Miller

Question 3: Many have seen this review as a turning point, when cognitivism took the place of ________ as the mainstream in psychology.
Evolutionary psychologyWilhelm WundtWilliam JamesBehaviorism

Question 4: RFT underlies the therapeutic practice known as ________.
Major depressive disorderCognitive behavioral therapyPsychologyAcceptance and commitment therapy

Question 5: More recent cognitive trends, such as situated cognition or ________, have similarities to Relational Frame Theory so it is possible that these fields will eventually move closer.
PsychologyDistributed cognitionCognitive scienceEducational psychology

Question 6: In a review of Skinner's book, linguist ________ argued that the generativity of language shows that it cannot simply be learned, that there must be some innate "language acquisition device".
Noam Chomsky's political viewsHenry David ThoreauAnarchismNoam Chomsky


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