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Reining: Quiz


Question 1: Allowing "no hands" means that some competitors may perform without a ________, which increases the difficulty of the movements.
Bit (horse)BridleEquestrianismHorse tack

Question 2: ________ are western-styled, without a noseband or caveson.
EquestrianismHorse tackBridleBit (horse)

Question 3: Throughout American history, dating back to the earliest Spanish settlers in what today is Mexico and the Southwestern United States, including Texas and ________, ranchers needed to manage cattle from horseback.
San Jose, CaliforniaCaliforniaLos AngelesSacramento, California

Question 4: Freestyle reining competitions have no specific rules as to ________, though humane equipment is required.
English ridingHorse tackSaddleEquestrianism

Question 5: All work is done at the lope (a slow, relaxed version of the horse gait more commonly known worldwide as the ________) and gallop; the fastest of the horse gaits.
Hunt seatEquitationCanterDressage

Question 6: Reining is a western riding competition for ________ where the riders guide the horses through a precise pattern of circles, spins, and stops.
DonkeyArabian horseEquus (genus)Horse

Question 7: For example, in the United States and ________, where reining is quite popular, the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) is the lead organization, creating patterns and developing judging standards.
BarbadosCanadaUnited KingdomBelize

Question 8: Breed organizations that sanction their own shows, including those for Quarter Horses (________), Appaloosas (ApHC), and American Paint Horses (APHA) also work with the NRHA.
ThoroughbredAmerican Paint Horse AssociationAmerican Quarter Horse AssociationHorse show

Question 9: A good ________ needed a quick and nimble horse, one that could change directions quickly, stop "on a dime," and sprint after an errant cow.
United StatesAmerican Old WestEquestrianismCowboy

Question 10: Reining classes can be held at a stand-alone competition just for reiners, or as one category within many different classes offered at a ________.
Horse showEnglish ridingEquestrianismArabian horse


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