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Reindeer: Quiz


Question 1:
What kind of animal is a Reindeer?

Question 2: In the ________ myth, Santa Claus's sleigh is pulled by flying reindeer.
ChristmasFather ChristmasChristmas EveSanta Claus

Question 3:
What is the genus authority of Reindeer?
Jardine & Selby, 1830
Jeannel, 1920
C.H. Smith, 1827
Leach, 1814

Question 4:
What is the subfamilia of Reindeer?

Question 5: Arctic Reindeer (R. tarandus eogroenlandicus), an extinct subspecies found until 1900 in eastern ________.
Faroe IslandsAzoresGreenlandMadeira

Question 6: It is believed that domestication started between the Bronze and ________.
Iron Age ChinaAncient Near EastLa Tène cultureIron Age

Question 7:
What is Reindeer's current status?

Question 8: The ________ is the most effective natural predator of adult reindeer, especially during the winter.
Gray WolfCoyoteRaccoonCougar

Question 9:
What is the binomial of Reindeer?
Pareronia ceylonica
Claoxylon australe
Rangifer tarandus
Phidippus octopunctatus

Question 10: In North America, it was found in Canada, ________ (USA), and the northern conterminous USA from Washington to Maine.
United StatesHawaiiNorthwestern United StatesAlaska

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